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Benefits of Volunteering and Photography

With all the muck and mire going on in the world, I think most of us may feel the need to be in touch with the human spirit, a sense of tangible beauty, and dreams.

When asked by new photographers what can they do to learn or get better, most people would say keep shooting, and shoot a lot.

Personally I recommend volunteering. I love working with charity groups

Lunch Break of Red Bank doing their thing and spreading the love as always, in a garden party here recognizing honorees for the year's service in the home of ____________, Rumson, NJ

Jasmine and Brent's engagement portraits - Holmdel Park, NJ

Double graduation at the Chart House, Weehawken, NJ, brother and sister finishing college and high school.

Forces that be..

the evening began with a cruise ship setting sail out of port past the venue..

And ended with fireworks across the river..

#ConsulateofMonaco #MonacoYachtShow #LunchBreak #NJNYWeddingPhotography #EngagementPhotoSession #HolmdelPark #ChartHouseWeehawken #GraduationPhotography #ProductPhotography #ChuckLambert

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